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SIMPAR 2016 simulation grand challenges workshop

December 13, San Francisco

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The SIMPAR 2016 Workshop on the Grand Challenges in Robotic Simulation led to some amazing discussions. Presenter slides are provided below (with permission granted).


After decades of robotic simulations focusing on modeling the dynamics of manipulators, the past decade has seen the introduction and widespread adoption of quality software libraries for simulating the dynamics and sensors of dextrous robots interacting with semi- realistic virtual environments. These libraries, and the algorithms that make them possible, are poised to be the scaffolding that supports virtual prototyping, robust planning, model predictive control, machine learning, and robot testing for the foreseeable future.

Significant challenges clearly remain until approaches become sufficiently robust, fast, and accurate for the two key tasks of robotic manipulation (including grasping) and locomotion. But what about after those problems are “solved”? We hope to identify the robotic tasks for which successful simulation would have the greatest impact on robotics research and industry. This workshop aimed to discover the grand challenges the simulation research community should tackle.

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We aimed to stimulate discussion between the following participants:

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